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Your kitchen will be individually designed using the latest visual and interactive technology to give you the real world sensation of being in your dream kitchen even before it’s built. Your kitchen will then be manufactured in our own factory by time served craftsmen using the finest of materials. The cabinets, not flat pack boxes, will then be installed by entrusted and skilled kitchen fitters to make your dream kitchen a reality.


Bespoke Design Service

All our designers have relevant design qualifications and are not salesmen. They care and pay close attention to the details that make your finished kitchen the one you dreamed of.

Our inventive designers will guide you through the whole process and help turn your vision of a dream kitchen into reality. By listening to your ideas, specific needs and budget limitations we will bring together plans and realistic visuals to excite your imagination and begin the process of bringing your kitchen to life.

Every design comes with a detailed plan which is clearly annotated and easy to read and a CGI photo realistic visual showing your new kitchen in a 3d perspective.

New – 360° Panoramas


By using the latest software techniques we can now offer a true 3d experience where you can stand in your original kitchen at home with your smartphone or tablet and truly see your new kitchen come to life. By simply moving your device the proposed design will follow you around the room as you turn round.

To really immerse yourself into the design, on of our designers, on a home visit, will fit you with VR glasses allowing you to see your new kitchen come to life in your very own home.


New - Interactive Kitchen Planner

Introducing our new interactive kitchen planner which is aimed at house builders and developers. The player enables prospective buyers to play around with door finishes , worktop colours and flooring which are unique to your sales centre.

Gemini Kitchens will supply this player to each sales centre and make it bespoke by supplying a CGI of your sales home and the include the kitchen options, and flooring options that are available from your choices.

This allows your customers to interact with the kitchen choices they are making and immerses them into your products.

If you wish to discuss our design services or have any questions please contact us.